Whistler Road Cheese Company in Smithers

Whistler Road Cheese Company

Smithers, BC

  • Agriculture & Food Production
  • Food & Beverage
  • The only government inspected local dairy product in northern BC
  • Delicious and addictive cheese
  • Family-owned and operated

Meet Patrick & Lorie Farrell

Patrick & Lorie Farrell is the owner of Whistler Road Cheese Company

Patrick and Lorie Farrell admit to being a bit unconventional when it came to being tied down to a “traditional” salaried job. Instead, they wanted meaningful careers that didn’t necessarily fit inside the typical job box. Starting their cheese factory in 2012 gave them the freedom that they both craved to build something different and to adapt their business according to the current economy, all while working their career around the needs of their family.

Though the factory only began selling cheese in 2014, the process it took to get that first wheel of cheese onto the shelf was several years in the making. They spent months navigating through all the regulations and sourcing all of the factory’s equipment and had to pass all the government inspections first, but Patrick and Lorie say all the effort was well worth it. They now have bragging rights as the first and only government-certified cheese producer in northern BC.

While they spend their workdays making delicious cheese, the Farrells are foodies who love cooking in general. (Patrick is a chef by trade and received classical European training at the Dubrulle Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver.) They experiment with all kinds of different foods at home, including preserving and fermenting things like vegetables, breads and alcohol. The outdoors is also a big part of the Farrell’s time outside of work, especially if it involves fishing or hiking. Most of all, they love to hang out with their kids.

Original. Artisan. Delicious.

Indulge in some of the freshest, most delicious cheese available, made right here in Smithers. The Whistler Road Cheese Company produces several varieties of artisan cheese using milk straight from the farm. It all starts with raw milk from Robin Creek Dairy. Next, they add their special ingredients and expert touch to produce four types of cheese: Veneto, Iberian, Whistling Salute and Telkwa, each with its own distinctive palette of flavours. All cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days to develop those unique flavours to their fullest. Whistler Road Cheese Company’s original, artisan cheeses are available locally at the Sausage Factory and the Bulkley Valley Farmer’s Market.

The Whistler Road Cheese Company is a member of the Smithers Chamber of Commerce, the Bulkley Valley Farmers Market Association and the BC Milk Marketing Board.

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  • Smithers, BC
  • Canada

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