Northern Fusion Curry House in Smithers

Northern Fusion Curry House

3712 First Ave, Smithers, BC

  • Food & Beverage
  • Original and tasty
  • Buffet style service to go
  • Fast, efficient and fresh all day long

Meet Wendy Thornton

Wendy Thornton is the owner of Northern Fusion Curry House

Wendy Thornton had spent several years in the food service industry when she began considering a new career challenge. She enjoyed food service and hospitality, and it just so happened that her Fijian husband was an amazing cook. That’s when the idea for an island and Indian-inspired restaurant began to take shape, and in 2015 the couple opened Northern Fusion Curry House. So far business has been brisk and locals are loving the exotic dishes and the buffet-style take-out concept, which makes it easy to grab a quick yet robust, tasty meal on a lunch break.

In fact, Wendy feels incredibly supported in her new venture by the community, but this is not a surprise to her. Wendy grew up in Smithers and knows very well that the people who live here have always been especially generous and welcoming of new ideas. Though Wendy moved away from Smithers a few times, it was that friendly spirit of community that always drew her back, and ultimately what made her want to build her business here. “It is more personal than the city,” she says. “People genuinely care about each other and offer a helping hand.”

Another thing that Wendy appreciates about Smithers is its spectacular natural setting. “Smithers is beautiful in every season,” she notes, and it produces many wonderful farm products that she feels fortunate to have access to. She also enjoys the cultural diversity that makes up the community.

Upbeat. Dynamic. Original.

Northern Fusion Curry House brings you exotic cuisine in a casual and convenient take-out style setting. Island music and decor set the mood but the aroma and taste will overwhelm the senses. Sample traditional curries and other delicious and enticing dishes whose flavours originate in Fiji, Jamaica, Trinidad and India. In addition to its diverse selection of daily curries, Northern Fusion also serves Jamaican patties and Trinidadian roti wraps and fresh daily chai. All dishes are mildly spiced and come with your choice of chutney which determines your spice, from mild to hot. In-restaurant seating available.

Contact + Hours

250-877-9672 Mobile
  • Tuesday to Friday
  • 11:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday
  • 11:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Closed Mondays


  • 3712 First Ave
  • Smithers, BC
  • V0J 2N0, Canada

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